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Five Reasons To Buy Secondhand Furniture!

Here at Furniturelink Surrey we offer high quality, pre-loved furniture for affordable prices, with recipients of benefits being entitled to up to 50% off their purchases as we believe everyone should be able to afford to furnish their homes!

That's why we thought we would share our five favourite reasons for buying secondhand furniture, and hope to inspire you to shop preloved the next time you are in need of something for your home!


Low Costs!

Buying secondhand furniture gives you the opportunity to buy great quality furniture whilst helping save some money, with the increasing cost of living, it's a great way to be frugal!


When you shop secondhand, you are actively playing your part in protecting our planet. Buying preloved helps to create a circular economy, reducing the need for creating new products using raw materials that are becoming increasingly scarse.

Discover New Brands!

Shopping secondhand furniture may give you the opportunity to discover and own new brands that you perhaps wouldn't otherwise buy due to price, uncertainty etc. As preloved furniture is cheaper, you can explore new options for less!

Reduce Waste!

In the UK alone, we are thought to discard more than 1.5 million tonnes of furniture, which inevitably ends up in landfill waste sometimes before the end of it's lifespan too! Donating your unwanted furniture to charities like Furniturelink Surrey helps to reduce this figure.

Support Great Causes!

When you purchase from secondhand shops, you are more than likely helping to support a good cause! Why not check out Furniturelink Surrey for some great quality, preloved furniture and help us to support low income families in the community furnish their homes!


Do you already shop for secondhand furniture?

Are you inspired to start?

Let us know in the comments and be sure to share this with your friends and family!


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