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Upcycled Furniture From Furniturelink Surrey!

Happy Monday! How lovely is it to see the sun shining on the first day of Spring! We thought we would share a few of the fantastic upcycling projects that have been done over the years using purchases from our warehouse! We hope to inspire others to head down to Furniturelink Surrey for your next (or first) upcycling project!


This gorgeous transformation was achieved by our very talented former staff member, Kathryn! She found this coffee table at the warehouse and transformed it in just 5 hours!

"All I did was lightly sand, drew and burned in two cute elephants and then waxed it to finish!"


The next project was completed by a very talented customer of ours who absolutely blew us and our social media followers away with the before and after shots of this piece of furniture she purchased from our warehouse!


Next up, another staff project! This bench was purchased for just £10 at our warehouse and was given a new lease of life!


The next transformation comes from another talented customer! Holly spotted these two wooden chairs in our weekly 'Wednesday Walk Around' post, headed down to the warehouse to purchase and then kindly sent us the 'after' photograph and how beautiful do they look?!


Jaynie transformed a set of plain wooden drawers into the iconic VW camper van for just £20! Her chest of drawers proved a huge hit when she posted them on the Facebook group Extreme Budget DIY & Life Hacks!


Debbie came into our warehouse and purchased this 9-drawer chest of drawers, a short while afterwards she sent us this wonderful photo of her finished project! Absolutely stunning!


This bedside table was also transformed by former staff member Kathryn and how beautiful are those floral drawers?!


The final project featuring in this blog is a recently upcycled side table by the wonderful @tiny_house_on_the_hill! They spotted the piece on our Wednesday Walk Around, purchased it and the next day had tagged us in the photograph on the right! Amazing work!


Has any of these projects inspired you to upcycle? Which one is your favourite? Let us know in the comments we would love to hear from you! Don't forget to head down to Unit 2B, Merrow Business Park, GU4 7WA to grab your next upcycling project for a great price...and don't forget to tag us in the before and after shots!

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